Benjamin Henry 3rd.

About Me

OCD for UCD (user-centered design)! My highest value is my ability to cross collaborate with others. I do enjoy deploying analytical strategies around design decisions, and applying an assertive attitude in any environment providing products and design solutions for companies.

I am eager to contribute these skills to the growth and development of a fast pace, positive, and team oriented environment.

I currently obtain a position as a production designer for a conference company. Creating and updating B2B products and creating B2C marketing solutions for my current employer Wilmington FRA, a division of Wilmington PLC.

As a production designer I work closely with the conference producers, copywriters, and marketers on developing visual concepts for products. From a analytical standpoint once each product is lunched we track the experience of all users using Crazyegg and Marketo. We access the data and make the changes to the products accordingly if needed based on what was observed. As our products progress in the market we continue to track the progression tweaking them if needed or applying new campaigns if we have to.

I'm also captivated by science-fiction and I love to push my imagination to the max. Some of my interest include electronic devices of all kind, design, art ( I'm really good at creating collages ), fitness, science, and last but not least music.

Thank you for take time out of schedule to view my work.