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Usability Case Study

This case study took place over the cousre of four weeks. Where the user was observed on his or her interactions.

To develop a platform. A promotional product keeping the user at the center. Three main users were taken into account.

The Sponsor: Is concerned with being represented on a platform the does not tarnish their brand. The sponsor provides faciliattors and these faciliattors have an corporate self-image to up keep. Thus the platform should have a strong balance of form and function.

The RISE member: Employed, self employed or unemployed. RISE members are looking to gain a wealth of knowledge in the healthcare industry. The association provides high quality up-to-date information free of charge through various channels. Webinars being on of those channels. RISE members take advantage of the free registration. Accessibility is the key. Creating a platfrom that users can do two things from. Digest small bits of information quickly. Register in three to four steps.

The non-RISE member: Employed, self employed or unemployed. These types of users stumble apond the webinar website organicly through google with no knowledge of the association. These user wnats to peruse furthering their education. Thus rise the coversion rate from non-RISE members to RISE members.

Draft a three step process for design and development. Understand the user needs and apply thoughts needs to the wireframe.

Create and code the design useing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Overtime make adjustments to the content and design based on data analytics using click heatmapping, scroll heatmapping, session recording, and Analytics Overlay.

My role

Researcher, Designer, and Developer

  • Wireframe Design

  • Web Design 1.0

  • Web Design 2.0

  • Heat Maping